You see your goal.
We see the strategy.

Thoughtfully managing wealth for Canadians from coast to coast since 1986.
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A Personalized Approach

We are independent professional investment managers.
We work with our clients to create personalized investment portfolios to meet their goals. We do this through a disciplined and structured approach to investing that enables long term success.

To help our clients define their investment goals, we have created a program called the Goodreid Investor DiscoveryTM. It enables investors by discovering and defining financial and behavioral objectives; a true business approach to financial success.

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Would you be further ahead if you were in control of your wealth?

Like many investors, you may be disappointed that you are not further ahead with your investments. Partnering with a seasoned and disciplined group dedicated to your financial well-being will give you greater control of your wealth and greater confidence in your financial future. Most importantly, you will have the financial peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

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