Discovery Process

What Does Further Ahead Mean To You?

At Goodreid Investment Counsel, we understand that most investors are looking to develop a structured, disciplined approach to their investments in order to get further ahead and be in greater control of their wealth.

That is why we created the Goodreid Investor Discovery process. It will help you develop and implement what we call The Investor Roadmap – a comprehensive integrated strategy to build, protect, and ensure that you stay in control of your wealth.

The Goodreid Investor Discovery is a step-by-step process. First, you participate in an Investor Discovery Session to assess your situation and set personalized goals. Then we help you create your investor roadmap along with a detailed plan. We then implement your plan and provide you with updates and regular progress review sessions. You can also take advantage of The Investor Discovery Toolbox, our full suite of educational tools and capabilities.

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Investor Discovery Process