You see your goal.
We see the strategy.

Establish a personalized asset mix to achieve long-term investment goals.

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A great score is not
about one great shot.

We adhere to a disciplined investment process to achieve consistent performance.

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Playing it safe doesn't
mean not playing.

A disciplined investment approach enables a sound balance between risk and reward.

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The Goodreid Team

Why manage your money in your spare time, when we can manage it all the time.

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Would you be further ahead
if you were in control of your wealth?

Like many investors, you may be disappointed that you are not further ahead with your investments. Goodreid believes that your money should be managed the way you made it - with a thoughtful and structured approach that enables long term success. Partnering with a seasoned and disciplined group dedicated to your financial wellbeing will give you greater control of your wealth, and the confidence to focus on the other important things in your life.

Our personalized approach

We are independent professional investment managers. We have created a program called the Goodreid Investor DiscoveryTM. It helps you discover the advantage of taking a business approach to financial success. With our time-tested expertise, you can create a detailed roadmap where you preserve and grow your money, protect and empower you and your family, and achieve your life goals. Most importantly, you have peace of mind that you are in control of your wealth.



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  1. A well-constructed, strategic investment portfolio
  2. Steady investment performance
  3. Timely advice and communication
  4. A personalized approach so that you can stay in control of your wealth


Our clients are not looking for a basic service. They want to take everything to a much higher level with premium, client-focused independent advice and communication.

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